The Arthur Wharton Foundation

Campaign to honour football pioneer Arthur Wharton filmed in Ghana

The aims and objectives of the Foundation are to celebrate the achievements and memory of Arthur Wharton, the world’s first black professional footballer and a hugely talented sportsman across many other disciplines.

This celebration of Arthur’s magnificent achievements is being kick started by the raising of funds to erect a memorial statue.

But that is only the beginning of a much longer term set of aims.

This symbolic statue and hence Arthur’s name and image will become highly visible beacons for the promotion of racial harmony, equality, diversity and sporting opportunity by means of:

  • The promotion of cultural understanding and enhanced relations between different racial groups through educational and awareness- raising programmes;
  • The development of a range of events and activities, including tournaments, to foster understanding between people from diverse backgrounds;
  • The ongoing raising of funds to help to ensure that young people from all backgrounds and cultures have access to the  equipment and facilities which will enable them to develop their own sporting skills and talents.

The Arthur Wharton Foundation gives talks to schools and sport clubs around the country.

Sean Camplbell in the classroom at Elemore Hall School

If you wish to arrange a talk please use our Contact page